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Captain Shellhouse is a busy American Airlines pilot. In spite of his busy schedule Capt. Shellhouse lead hundreds of volunteers from the whole nation on the construction of a multipurpose building in South Miami-Dade which became the house for Open Door Health Center since 2001. Captain Shellhouse became the 1st president for ODHC BOD and has represented ODHC well locally, nationally and internationally. Foundations have mentioned Capt. Shellhouse as a credibility factor when awarding grants to ODHC. In spite of such qualifications Capt. Shellhouse continues to show his commitment to the clinic and its patients by responding to ODHC calls for help from meetings with BOD members and even when repairs are needed at the clinic. No job is too big or too small for this outstanding individual. Captain Danny Shellhouse embodies the spirit of volunteerism. "Thanks, Captain Shellhouse. You are an example to all".

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