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Open Door Health Center has a volunteer who is a great example of dedication and commitment to our patients. Dr. Jorge Alsina is a pediatrician who travels to volunteer at Open Door Health Center (ODHC) twice a month from his private practice in Hialeah. Dr. Alsina’s laughter and great attitude infuses the clinic with happiness. He is full of empathy and very humble. It is his humbleness that brings down barriers and allows the patients to feel comfortable with him and not intimidated. Some of the children like him so much that some even cry because they want to come in every Wednesday to see Dr. Alsina. Not only does he volunteer as a pediatrician, he is also ODHC’s handy man. He does not mind changing light bulbs, fixing door knobs, or doing other repairs.

We are grateful and very fortunate to have a compassionate individual like Dr. Alsina volunteer at Open Door Health Center. On behalf of our patients and our staff, "Congratulations, Dr. Alsina for being awarded the Miami Dade Department of Health Volunteer Physician of the Year recognition. You truly deserve it!"

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