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Dr. Barry Resnik deserves special recognition for his performance as an outstanding physician and human being. Not only has he provided countless hours of free medical services to the Open Door Health Center patients, but he has also been a tireless Ambassador for the clinic as well. He has made presentations in the community on behalf of the clinic, collected and personally delivered multiple donations for the patients and inspired all around him to be a volunteer and supporter as well. Dr. Resnik’s connection with the clinic is so well known that his own home garage has become the drop off site for donations for the clinic from his friends, neighbors and community where he lives. His donations have become so popular that when the clinic patients know he is or has been at the clinic, they soon follow searching for clothes for their children, house wares and many other donations he routinely brings in to the center. The 2005 Thanksgiving Event was a total success because of the contribution from Dr. Resnik and his team. He and his staff collected enough money and supplies to provide food baskets to more than seventy families and which his staff and Dr. Resnik personally delivered. The gratitude our patients feel towards him is better expressed by one of the clinic’s patients who said: "Dr. Resnik has been treating me for a skin condition I suffer from and I know he will continue doing so until this condition is resolved. On behalf of the clinic patients and I, Thank you."

The Open Door Health Center patients are blessed to be able to count on the services of such outstanding professional and human being

On a time when our country is going through so much turmoil it gives me hope to know people like Dr. Resnik. He is the kind of role model many children would be lucky to know about.

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