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Patient Story

VC has had diabetes Type 2 for two and a half years, and has just recently started to make positive lifestyle changes that have resulted in improved health and quality of life. VC used to go through her days at work and at home with little energy, feeling tired all of the time, not really caring about her diabetes or her health overall. Then one day she received a free donated glucometer with test strips to check her blood sugar. She started testing her blood sugars and realized they were often too high; and through her participation in the Diabetes Support Group and other activities offered at the Prescription for Health Diabetes Program, VC learned that uncontrolled diabetes can lead to serious long-term complications such as blindness, heart attack and stroke and kidney failure - all of which she wanted no part of!

It was at this critical moment that VC decided to make some changes to her lifestyle. She started exercising 6 days/week for one hour - her favorite is "hip hop" aerobics at her home! VC did not stop there - she also stopped eating fried foods, cut down on the amount of rice and other starchy low-fiber foods she used to eat and started eating more fresh vegetables! VC continues to check her blood sugar daily, which is now in a healthy range; she feels great and has more energy! "I feel young and I look young," VC said recently to one of the DB Program Outreach Workers! Way to go VC - keep up the good work!!! Small changes over time really do lead to "Big" results!

Thanks also to the many individuals and businesses who have donated glucometers and glucometer strips to our Diabetes Program - they have made a difference in the lives of our patients with Diabetes Type 2. VC is a fine example of how knowing one’s blood sugar can help empower a person with Diabetes Type 2 to take control of their diabetes self-management, which is our main program goal!

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