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Patient Story

Ms. TJ has been a clinic patient since the clinic opened its doors. In spite of personal health problems and multiple family crises Ms. J. has managed to keep a smile in her face and served as inspiration to many.

Ms. J received special medical training which she has not been able to use due to language barriers This has not stopped her on her desire to assist others with peer education, encouragement and even transportation assistance so they can better benefit of clinic and community’s available services. Her degree or training has not stopped her from honest work such as work in the fields, packing houses and even sold produce in the Flea Market and wherever possible.

When the clinic staff were able to obtain funding for a special program which would require the assistance of clinic patients to serve as peer educator, the choice was easy. Ms. J. was chosen as one of these patients. The result of this selection has been a positive one for all involved. Ms. J. is now not only a clinic patient but also a known and respected peer educator. Congratulations, Ms. J. You are a special ODHC patient.

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