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Patient Story

MR has been an Open Door Health Center patient for three years. During this time one of ODHC volunteer doctors, Dr. Rosita Stoik, diagnosed her with Rheumatoid Arthritis. At diagnosis time her pain was intense and her joints had become severely stiff making everyday activities a challenge. Getting up from bed in the mornings or changing clothes had become a struggle. After a complete evaluation, MR ended up requiring very expensive treatment. At $1,200 weekly for one pre-filled syringe, the treatment would have been too expensive for MR to afford. Thanks to the assistance of the clinic, the volunteer doctor and the pharmaceutical program, the medicine was obtained at no cost to the patient. The result has been miraculous. MR is no longer depressed and can do things that she only dreamed of in the past. She is working again and assists with her family’s needs.

In spite of living very far from the clinic, MR is never late to her appointments. Having to use the Metro Rail and three buses to get to the clinic from her home, takes almost four hours, but this time is a worthy investment for MR. She is so dedicated to her health that she is always at the clinic 2 hours before her appointment and waits her turn patiently. She states that she comes so early to avoid the risk of losing her appointment because of traffic delays. With the new treatment she has received, the improvement in MR’s health is obvious. The smile on her face is never absent and her positive attitude and patience are to be admired. MR’s story is an example on how the teamwork provided by ODHC staff and volunteer doctors have greatly impacted our patients’ healthcare and quality of life.

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