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Patient Story

M.A. came to the clinic because he knew his family suffered from medical conditions which ended up taking their lives too early. He takes care of his heart through healthy diet and home remedies. These are some of the lifesaving skills uninsured use every day in this nation.

This patient works at a local small store and had a series of stressful situations which made him feel sick. He came to the clinic for checkup and after an electrocardiogram was done he was sent to the hospital emergency room for further testing. When the family was informed their loved one needed hospitalization they ran back to the clinic to ask the doctor who would pay for these services. They remember with fear how the family's grandfather died while under similar situation. He was waiting at emergency room for admission but since he had no insurance he died while waiting. The clinic doctor told them not to worry. This is a totally different hospital than the one where they had such a bad experience and it was all arranged. The patient or his family did not have to pay. Reluctantly they accepted the admission and were amazed how well were they treated, how luxurious were the rooms, how well did the hospital staff treated them all and how soon their relative went home feeling like new. Every time this patient returns to the clinic he tells the staff that he and his family pray every day asking for blessings for this clinic and all of those who assist.

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