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Patient Story

One ODHC patient stands out for her remarkable improvement of her condition since she became a patient. LG has Type 2 Diabetes and has been participating in regular clinic diabetes support groups, cooking classes, supermarket tours, and follow up consultations, which have proved to make a more than significant difference in her health. Not only has LG been actively involved and taken responsibility for the treatment of her condition, but she decided to make dramatic changes in her lifestyle choices, such as modifying her diet to include healthy meals and portions, and exercising four days a week. She has seen amazing results and is proud to have her blood sugar under control, has more energy, and lost sixty pounds. This is one example of a patient that has taken the valuable tools provided by our diabetes program and used them to make positive changes in her life. It also highlights our programís mission-which is not only to connect clients to much-needed medical care, but also more importantly, to empower them to improve their quality of life.

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