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Patient Story

HR works at a hair salon. When a mass showed in her neck she ignored since she had no health insurance. Through a co worker she heard of Open Door Health Center. She applied for services and shortly after her initial visit her worst fears came true. Cancer was diagnosed. ODHC did not have oncology services but a volunteer oncologist was recruited after her diagnosis was made. This doctor gave her hope and free chemotherapy. All exams, hospital services and clinic services have been provided for her free of charge, with dignity and respect. Four years later she is doing well and her cancer is in remission. HR expresses her gratitude for ODHC services including the volunteer doctor who has continued monitoring her cancer status all these years every opportunity she gets. She is still working in a hair salon but now has hope for a better future. Ms. HR is one of Miami-Dade uninsured poor who remain an active member of society and working poor who has greatly benefitted from this Open Door.

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